D. Stephen Elliott, Director/CEO, Minnesota Historical Society

"Assume Goodwill helped us think about both growing and looking beyond our traditional income streams to envision products and services that could serve customers' unmet needs by building on our core competencies."

Adam Luckeroth, Board Chairman, MN Brain Alliance

"As a non-profit board member you're always looking to make a positive mark on the organization besides the normal due diligence on financials and governance. Assume Goodwill was the perfect opportunity for me to do just that. I'm so happy with the ideas they generated and the insight they provided. We can't thank them enough."


Kris Newcomer, Executive Director, Firefly Sisterhood

"Our start up non-profit had the opportunity to work with GL’s group and the conversation was insightful and validating at the same time. Having the chance to sit around a table with senior thinkers from a variety of industries and organizations can be intimidating but for us it was extremely helpful. We discussed everything from board development, marketing, volunteer use and how to replicate our program in other areas. We came away with some great ideas and some cautionary thoughts which we have used in our planning."


Kate Grathwol, PhD, President/CEO, Vision Loss Resources

"As a non-profit with a social enterprise, Assume Goodwill was able to see the market realities of our packaging and manufacturing business as well as our Social Service programs that serve the greater community. The ideas and strategies we received from Assume Goodwill have been very calcifying and we have come out of the process with real obtainable action items we are in the process of implementing."


Nancy Utoft, Executive Director, Senior Services Consortium of Ramsey County

"In just two hours, the Assume Goodwill team helped us turn our thinking upside down on a key element of our business, opening the door to new product opportunities. This infusion of passion and intellect is exactly what we needed at a critical time for our organization. It was an amazing and fruitful experience!"