Jackie has been leading the creation of digital experiences for over a decade; everything from emerging startups to critical strategic efforts for fortune 50 businesses.

She has proven that openness and optimism accelerate our collective potential to make great things happen, and through her work has found a formula for bringing that potential to life - Design Sprints.


GL Hoffman

G.L. is a serial entrepreneur and venture investor/operator/mentor. He successfully led two businesses from founding to public offering. Now he's taking his restless energy to non-profits. G.L. is a serial entrepreneur and venture investor/operator/mentor. He successfully led two businesses from founding to public offering. Now he's taking his restless energy to non-profits.

Mike Sharratt

Michael Sharratt is owner of Sharratt Design & Company, located at 464 Second Street in Excelsior, MN. Mr. Sharratt graduated from the U of M’s School of Architecture in 1973. In 1979, he co-opened a commercial and low income housing architectural design office, Shelter Resources Inc., completing work for non-profit developers, including 550 units of multi-family, low income, subsidized housing, as well as many office and retail adaptive reuse projects in the downtown Minneapolis area.

LouEllen Essex

For the past twenty-five years, Dr. Essex has worked extensively with private industry, government, health care organizations, non-profit organizations, and educational institutions. She facilitates seminars, team development sessions, and strategic planning.


John Stanoch

John Stanoch, ex-lawyer, ex-Juvenile Court judge, ex-President of Qwest, listened intently when the Ronald McDonald House Charities asked him to help out and lead their turnaround efforts. "It was the perfect job for me," says John. "I have always cared deeply about the community."

Eric Caron

Actively involved in Minnesota-based start-ups for over a decade, Eric is a passionate advocate that the Midwest is a hotbed for underutilized talent and he's excited to see the trend of great minds and companies moving back from the coasts.

Boyd Johnson

As General Counsel for companies like ADC, Merrill, and now SPS Commerce, Boyd has used that ability to adapt and analyze to advise on legal matters and business matters alike. "That is the part that gets me going," he says today, "I really like helping in all areas of the business."

Louise Harris

For over a decade, Louise Harris has used her PhD in organizational effectiveness to help organizations navigate through these times. "Only after I had met her a few times, did I learn she had a doctorate in this exact area," said one CEO. "She's humble, wicked smart, with a slight artistic flair. Very unique and special."

Richard Henry

When recognized companies and brands need a "fixer" they call Richard Henry. Progresso Soup called when they were losing $14 million a year. Within the first year, the losses had stopped and turned into a $15 million profit. "Non-profits are a lot like the brands I work with," Richard says. "Often, they simply need a fresh pair of eyes on their problem."

Kate Ryan Reiling

"Some friends and I were sitting inside one cold winter day and got a a little bored with Jenga and Pente," she says. So she made a new game out of the pieces, which she calls Morphology. With constant improvement, by watching customers play the game, and with counsel from her Tuck (Dartmouth MBA program) professors, Kate refined and improved her game. In fact, TIME Magazine called Morphology one of the Top Ten games of 2010.

Marin Hoffman

Marin Kemnitz provides innovative thinking and strategic insight to the problem of public health. After earning her graduate degree from Harvard, she joined Target Corporation, where she developed strategies and programs to improve the health and wellness of Target's 360,000 employees. She recently joined Redbrick Health as Senior Director of Clinical Services.

Scott Jagodzinski

Scott Jagodzinski sold anything he could growing up in Mooreton, ND, developing a life skill of likability. "Scott is smart," says GL Hoffman, "But he might simply be one of the most likable people you will ever meet."

David Dickey

Currently CEO at Second Story Sales. An engaging speaker, he helps companies develop sales methods and strategies in seminars and in his consulting practice. He is also a well-known speaker at conferences on subjects ranging from sales methods to his own entrepreneurial background. Non-profits attend his seminars to get help in development, for example. "I don’t charge non-profits," he says. "Before Asssume Goodwill, it was my own way of giving back."

Steve Mase

Before "big data" made the news Steve Mase was using it to create company after company. His last company, Dexma, Inc. was sold in 2010. It developed and operated the largest digital interchange in the mortgage industry and was instrumental in growing one company from $600 billion in loan originations to well over $2.4 trillion.

John Stavig

Those who think that "those who can’t, teach" have not met John Stavig, who left a successful consulting, startup, and technology career to become the Director of the Gary S. Holmes Center of Entrepreneurship at the Carlson School of Management. Every year a new crop of student-entrepreneurs get inspired by John who calls upon his sizable business network to help him guide the we-can-do-anything undergraduates.

Jann Olsten

"What do you do?" has always been a difficult question for Jann Olsten. After all, who gets three vastly different careers, and excels in all three. First, he was an attorney for a decade or so at one of the top law firms in the Twin Cities; then, without any political experience, he managed the first U.S.Senate campaign for Rudy Boschwitz and then joined him as his chief of staff.

Diane Cross

Increasingly nonprofits are discovering leaders like Diane Cross, currently President and CEO of Fraser, one of the region's most respected. She's led Fraser, which provides housing, healthcare and education for children and adults with disabilities, for over 25 years.

Justin Cox

Justin's passionate about giving back to the Twin Cities community. In 2014, he was part of a group that founded Beta.MN and Twin Cities StartUp Week. He's served as the Program Director of the Minnesota Cup and remains involved as a Review Board Member. He's also an advisor for the University of Minnesota's Entrepreneurship in Action program.

Tony Christianson

Tony Christianson is Chairman of Cherry Tree Companies, a financial services firm located in Minnetonka, Minnesota, which provides investment banking advice through its subsidiary Cherry Tree & Associates and wealth management services through its affiliate Adam Smith Advisors.

Jim Dolan

Rare is the venture capitalist/investment banker who has actually built a company. And then you find somebody like Jim Dolan. Now with Cherry Tree, Jim is on the investment banking side of the street after twenty plus years in company trenches.

Joel Carter, MD

Focused on Palliative care at Park Nicollet, Joel is a interdisciplinary artist, storyteller-speaker and author. One of his books, Rockpeople: Beyond Chester Creek, has garnered multiple awards and showcases his work balancing rocks in creeks of northern Minnesota.


Allan Caplan

When his first daughter was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes, Allan Caplan couldn't find the support she needed, so he co-founded the Juvenile Diabetes Association. Now, nearly 40 years later, he is still solving problems in his own creative fashion as one of Minnesota’s best criminal defense attorneys.