There are no "rules" for the nonprofit. Just ask for our help; most nonprofits that ask do get our help.

The AG leader meets with the nonprofit to help them articulate their most pressing issues. Then the AG group meets for one evening, 5:30-8pm, to generate ideas for the nonprofit. The group does not work on the "issues" before the session, nor do they agree to do any follow up. It is free wheeling fun two hours that often starts and ends on different paths.

There is no charge to the nonprofit for the brainstorming session, other than providing a light supper.



The session is at the nonprofit, typically in a conference room. The session starts at 5:30 pm and ends promptly at 8 pm. Typically, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evenings work best. Our Assume Goodwill group in based in Minneapolis, MN, and it is our hope that other communities and cities find their own way to Assume Goodwill. We will help in any way.

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